ProQuest Computer Science
An excellent resource for students and instructors who need information on virtually any computing topic. The database includes over 430 titles, with over 350 available in full text.
Computer Source
Provides researchers with the latest information and current trends in high technology. This database features: – nearly 250 full text periodicals – abstracts and indexing for over 320 titles – valuable market information on topics such as computers, telecommunications, electronics, and the Internet. – information users need to remain informed on the technological advances that are changing our world.
ProQuest Telecommunications
Whether you’re looking for the latest news on WAP technology, following market penetration of new technologies, or gathering information about the key players in this field, ProQuest Telecommunications helps you stay one step ahead.
ProQuest Science Journals
Search leading periodicals in science and technology. Covers topics in computer science, physics, astronomy, earth science, chemistry, biology, and more.
Code Academy
Learn to code in several languages such as JavaScript, Python, and JQuery along with learning about Web fundamentals and the essentials needed by programmers.
A community collaborative directory of open source projects.
Provides you with information, tools, and advice that help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your tech.